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London Reclaimed Brick Merchants supplies the county’s largest selection of authentic, salvaged bricks. With expertise in brick reclamation and a dedication to promoting sustainability, we supply distinctive, historic bricks that give new life to demolished buildings. We have a diverse selection of reclaimed bricks in Berkshire, suitable for both the restoration of classic structures and the construction of modern designs. 

Why choose us?

  • Sustainably sourced from responsible UK demolition works
  • Available for delivery throughout Berkshire and further afield
  • Over 3 million bricks in our inventory
  • Custom brick sizing is available

Why choose reclaimed bricks?

 Reclaimed bricks are often extracted from old structures that have withstood the test of time. These bricks have already endured several decades (sometimes hundreds of years) of weather and load pressures, which is a testament to their durability. Additionally, reclaimed bricks have been naturally weathered which improves their resistance and durability.

These bricks deliver character, better value, and sustainability. Their aged appearance stands out from uniform new bricks to create distinctive projects. For conservation or new construction, they check all the boxes.

Reclaimed Bricks for Conservation and Character in Berkshire

One of the defining aspects of reclaimed bricks is the distinct aesthetic they provide. They come with a unique patina and variations in colour and texture that can’t easily be replicated with new bricks. These characteristics give reclaimed bricks an antique charm and naturalism for architectural styles ranging from rustic to modern. By using reclaimed bricks sourced locally right here in Berkshire, you can create beautiful and sustainable spaces that last.

With over 75 years in the reclaimed building materials industry, we offer Kent’s largest selection of salvaged bricks. Our expert team hand-selects quality bricks from careful demolitions, ensuring superior products for all your building needs. As trusted local reclaimed brick merchants, we offer reliable service and access to a consistent supply of reclaimed bricks for your building needs.

Why choose us?

  • UK-wide delivery
  • A variety of over 2 million bricks
  • Environmentally conscious sourcing and processing
  • Customised brick sizing
  • Why choose reclaimed bricks?

    Reclaimed bricks are popular for their aged appearance, historical value, reduced costs and lower environmental impact. Suitable for conservation work or to add character to newer constructions, they can be used for a wide variety of patterns and intricate layouts. Their naturally weathered look offers a unique contrast against the more uniform appearance of new bricks.


  • Historic renovations
  • Contemporary designs
  • Accent walls
  • Landscaping features
  • Conservation projects
  • Sustainable Building Solutions

    Our extensive collection of reclaimed bricks includes various styles, colours, and textures to accommodate diverse architectural preferences. Whether you’re working on a historic preservation project or designing a contemporary structure, our inventory can fulfil a broad range of requirements while also reducing the environmental impact that comes with using new bricks.

    Contact Kent’s premier reclaimed brick specialists today for sustainable, character-rich building materials that stand the test of time.

    London Reclaimed Brick Merchants supplies the widest selection of reclaimed bricks in Essex and the surrounding areas. Our reclaimed bricks bring a unique aged appearance and sense of local history to new construction projects, renovations, and restoration work. Whether you’re a builder, architect, or homeowner, our reclaimed bricks add both character and sustainability to your project.

    Why choose us?

    • A vast selection of over 3 million bricks salvaged
    • Custom brick cutting and sizing for your project
    • Experts in structural testing and classification
    • Support major developments as well as self-builds

    Why choose reclaimed bricks?

    Beyond their distinctive character, reclaimed bricks offer environmental benefits. By giving demolished materials new life, we reduce waste and the need for new brick production. Our bricks are cleaned, tested, and sorted to deliver reliable performance capabilities. You get the character of weathered bricks without compromising structural integrity.

    Historic Reclaimed Bricks in Essex

    With textures, shapes, and colours reflecting the UK’s diverse architecture, our bricks deliver an authentic local character that typical new bricks cannot replicate. Whether you want a reclaimed look for heritage restoration or creative contrast in contemporary buildings, we provide the flexible inventory and expertise to support your vision.

    Get in touch today to discuss how our reclaimed brick range can breathe new life into your construction or renovation project in Essex.

    Trading for over 75 years, the London Reclaimed Brick Merchants are now respected suppliers of reclaimed bricks throughout the Home Counties and Great Missenden. We carefully handpick bricks and material after demolition, and then proceed to thoroughly clean them and judge their quality. This attentive process leaves customers with a wide choice of the most authentic and trustworthy bricks for use in a range projects. We also have an extensive selection of new bricks available for purchase, along with our vast reclaimed stock.

    Why choose us?

    • Nationwide next day delivery
    • Free delivery anywhere within the M25
    • 3 million new and reclaimed bricks in stock
    • Building materials sourced eco-consciously
    • All bricks cut to your required size

    Reclaimed Yellow Stocks and Yorkstone Flags

    The distinctive appearance of London Yellow Stock brick is easily recognised across the capital, and in the surrounding counties. We’re proud to have a large supply of reclaimed Yellow Stock Bricks, ready for delivery directly to your site.

    Our brick merchants also have a high quality selection of Yorkstone Flags available to perfectly complement your garden or outdoor space. This unique material will naturally weather to give a rustic, homey look to any property, but can also grace the pathways of commercial areas too.

    For more details about our broad range of services throughout Great Missenden, London and beyond, simply get in touch with us today by phone or by filling out our contact form.