London Reclaimed Brick Merchants supplies the widest selection of reclaimed bricks in Essex and the surrounding areas. Our reclaimed bricks bring a unique aged appearance and sense of local history to new construction projects, renovations, and restoration work. Whether you’re a builder, architect, or homeowner, our reclaimed bricks add both character and sustainability to your project.

Why choose us?

  • A vast selection of over 3 million bricks salvaged
  • Custom brick cutting and sizing for your project
  • Experts in structural testing and classification
  • Support major developments as well as self-builds

Why choose reclaimed bricks?

Beyond their distinctive character, reclaimed bricks offer environmental benefits. By giving demolished materials new life, we reduce waste and the need for new brick production. Our bricks are cleaned, tested, and sorted to deliver reliable performance capabilities. You get the character of weathered bricks without compromising structural integrity.

Historic Reclaimed Bricks in Essex

With textures, shapes, and colours reflecting the UK’s diverse architecture, our bricks deliver an authentic local character that typical new bricks cannot replicate. Whether you want a reclaimed look for heritage restoration or creative contrast in contemporary buildings, we provide the flexible inventory and expertise to support your vision.

Get in touch today to discuss how our reclaimed brick range can breathe new life into your construction or renovation project in Essex.