Natural Stone

New and Reclaimed Natural Stone London

Natural stone is a classic building material that’s strong, beautiful, and long-lasting. At London Reclaimed Brick Merchants, we offer many natural stone choices for projects in London and nearby areas including Yorkstone paving, Rivern natural sandstone and Westmoreland rockery stones. They come in various colours and textures, giving you plenty of options for your project.

Types of Stone Available:

We offer the following natural stone options:

  • Yorkstone: Available in new-aged and reclaimed forms. Ideal for paving, known for durability and classic appearance.
  • Granite: Offered as new, reclaimed, and random reclaimed setts. Also available as reclaimed pink granite cubes. Suitable for driveways and high-traffic areas.
  • Sandstone: Rivern natural sandstone, popular for garden paths and patios.
  • Westmoreland Rockery: Large stones for landscaping features and retaining walls.

Each stone type has unique characteristics in colour, texture, and maintenance needs. Our team can advise on the best option for your specific project.

Natural Stone: London Brick Reclaim

Reclaimed vs. New Stone

Reclaimed stone has a historic look that’s great for restoration work or adding an old-world feel. It’s also good for the environment because it reuses old materials. New stone, on the other hand, is more consistent and easier to get in large amounts. This makes it good for bigger projects or when you need a specific look.

Natural stone is used in various applications including:

  • Building facades
  • Paving for driveways, patios, and walkways
  • Interior flooring
  • Fireplaces and hearths
  • Garden features and landscaping elements
  • Restoration of historical buildings

Our team can help you choose the right type for your project. 

Whether you’re fixing up a home or working on a big commercial project, these natural stone options can make your project more beautiful and valuable.

For more information about how we could help you with your project, feel free to contact our friendly and professional team today.

With 75 years under our belt in the building materials trade, we’re experts in providing both new and reclaimed natural stone for projects around London. Whether you prefer the charm of reclaimed stone or the fresh look of new ones, we have the perfect match for your needs.

If you’re thinking about natural stone paving or our other services, just give us a call. Our friendly team is always here to help.