Natural Stone


New and Reclaimed Natural Stone London

Natural Stone: London Brick Reclaim

In addition to our impeccable brick services, at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants we also supply natural stone to clients throughout London and the Home Counties. For a rustic aesthetic, our range of natural stones includes:


Natural stone is an excellent choice for construction projects due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. It has been used in construction for centuries and continues to be

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With a culmination of 75 years of experience in the brick merchant field, no one is better placed than us to provide new and reclaimed natural stone for projects in the London region. The choice between new and reclaimed materials is one that depends on the touch you want to give your building, but no matter what that is we’ll be able to provide high-quality natural stone to suit it.

Natural stone is a fantastic building material because of its durability and visual appeal – it’s little wonder that it’s been used in construction for centuries.

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