Reclaimed Yorkstone

One of the most popular choices for surfacing purposes on the market, Yorkstone is highly robust and makes a homely addition to the areas it is used in. At London Reclaimed Brick Merchants, we strive to reclaim as many bricks and natural stones as possible from our controlled demolition services, and as such 90% of our material is reclaimed – this also applies to our quality Yorkstone.

Reclaimed Yorkstone has an aesthetic vibrancy to it that makes it supremely suitable for paving, surfacing and garden walls. Because of our 75 years of collective experience in the field, you can rest assured that when you purchase Yorkstone from us, you’re receiving the best.

Yorkstone Crazy Paving

Crazy paving can have a transformative effect on the environment in which it is introduced, and there is no better natural stone to create this effect than crazy Yorkstone. Each piece is entirely unique, a quintessential trait of crazy paving. Its texture, shape and look all combine to make the surfacing in your garden wholly personal to you.

If you’d like to know more about our Yorkstone supplies or about any of our other services and how we could tailor them to your project in London, please contact our professional team today.