Glazed Orange Bricks

Whether you’re looking to create a tile-like effect on your project or you’re simply wishing to inject a dose of variety and style into it, at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants we have the perfect solution: glazed orange bricks.

Used more often than not for internal walls to save time painting, glazed orange bricks bring a vibrancy to a build that few other types of brick can emulate. Our experienced and dedicated team are committed to finding the perfect orange bricks for your project, whatever the specific requirements.

Collectively, we have been sourcing and supplying bricks to London and the Home Counties for over 75 years, and in that time we have established ourselves as the premier service in the field. For an unparalleled level of service, both in the supply of freshly sourced bricks and reclaimed ones alike, and for advice on how we could help you with your project, contact our specialist team today.