Imperial Sussex / Soft Red Bricks

In trying to preserve the original aesthetic of a building, the bricks you choose to work on the project are all too important, and at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants we fully appreciate this. That’s why we provide a range of Soft Red bricks, also known as Imperial Sussex bricks, in order to meet the demands of all of our customers and their projects.

Supplying high quality bricks throughout London and the Home Counties, we take great pride in our commitment to delivering a premier customer experience, calling upon our 75 years of collective experience to help with our growth.

Soft Red Bricks

We also provide a comprehensive range of soft red bricks. Our red bricks can be used widely for building and maintaining period properties, and our brick matching service is at your disposal in order to easily find the perfect bricks for your project.

Overall, we supply bricks ranging in colour from deep red to a light orange and everything in between, and it is this range, along with our exceptional customer service, that has established us as the foremost brick supplier in the region. To find out more about our services, please contact our specialist team today.