The benefits of using natural stone

Natural stone is an attractive and versatile choice of building material. With many different types of natural stone available – for example, granite, Yorkstone and sandstone – this material can be used for a variety of purposes, from kitchen counters to driveway block paving. With its wide range of uses and advantageous properties, it is unsurprising natural stone is an eternally popular material. Let’s take a look at some of the prime benefits of using natural stone.


Natural stone is intrinsically attractive with each piece being a unique mixture of tones and colours. This makes every finished product one of a kind, in contrast to the mass-manufactured, generic look of concrete and other such man-made materials. What’s more, being a natural material, stone will also maintain its look over time without becoming worn and tired.


Everyone can recognise the quality of natural stone. It creates a classic, elegant look which enhances the area within which it is placed. For example, if you decide to install a natural stone driveway, not only will this improve the exterior aesthetic of your home, it can easily add value to your property, too.

Yorkstone is a popular option in both restorations and new construction projects, and even made recent history, featuring in the renovations of Hampstead’s famous Whitestone Pond which was part of the route followed by the Olympic Torch at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games. The games made their mark, and our Yorkstone can do the same for your project.


Stone is a very strong, durable material, often much more so than man-made materials like concrete. Natural stone will be able to withstand the elements, unforgiving climates and significant wear and tear. This resilience helps to make for a low maintenance material which can be used for a variety of purposes, from robust paving to sturdy kitchen surfaces.

The Yorkstone that London Reclaimed Brick Merchants can provide customers is a perfect example of useful and durable natural stone. Yorkstone, a combination of clay, iron oxides, quartz, silica, feldspar and mica is compact and tightly grained in its make-up. Thanks to this structural superiority, it has been able to battle the elements and last, making it the obvious choice for paving setts, slabs and stone walls in Britain’s busy, bustling capital for many years.

Long lasting

The strength of natural stone ensures that whatever its intended usage, it’ll last for many years to come. Even as flooring or patio/driveway surfacing, you can guarantee natural stone is an enduring choice. The longevity of stone also helps it as a cost effective option – once it’s installed, you won’t have to pay out for frequent maintenance or resurfacing.

Due to its durability and hard wearing, London Reclaimed Brick Merchants’ reclaimed natural stone always stands the test of time. We’ve even reclaimed some of our Yorkstone from a number of famous London sites and buildings including Hyde Park and the Old Bailey, giving customers the chance to build with, and own real pieces of the city’s heritage.

Environmentally friendly

As a completely natural material, stone is a lot more environmentally friendly than man-made alternatives which can incorporate chemicals and synthetic materials. What’s more, the manufacturing process for man-made materials releases extra pollutants; with natural materials, there is no such additional associated pollution. If you choose reclaimed stone, such as that provided by London Reclaimed Brick Merchants, the eco-friendly benefits of this material stretch even further.


Natural stone is a versatile material and can be used to great effect for a wide variety of purposes. While most building materials are only suitable for one job or location, natural stone can be used throughout the home, and indeed outside it too in block paving driveways or patios. Indoors, you see stone being used for flooring, countertops, wall cladding, tiles, staircases and more.


London Reclaimed Brick Merchants stock a huge variety of bricks and natural stone, both reclaimed and new. All our materials are of a high quality and are suitable for use across many different building projects. As a well-established, leading supplier of reclaimed bricks and stone across London and the Home Counties, you can rest assured our materials have been carefully selected and are sturdy and reliable. For more information regarding our products, contact our helpful team today.