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Over the last decade, we’ve seen architects and homeowners gravitate towards exposed
brick as an interior feature wall. Whether they want to inject texture and character into a
space or, to imbue industrial chic with a touch of personality to an otherwise plain
interior. Regardless of the desired aesthetic, if there’s one so-called “trend” that’s here to
stay, it’s exposed brick.

But there are some risks involved in chipping away at the walls and plaster of your home,
and gambling on the hope that the condition of the bricks and mortar beneath will
be sturdy and free of mould. Luckily there is a fail-safe way to achieve this, our bespoke
brick slips and cutting services will give you the interior feature wall you always wanted
without the hassle of damaging your property. LRBM provides a bespoke cutting service,
where you can choose which brick is right for you, and your project. Choose from our wide
range of stock which includes both reclaimed, and new bricks. We offer a wide variety of
styles and colours, which will add character and charm to any space. Not just for feature
walls, brick slips can be used on projects such as fireplaces, kitchen splashbacks and
even external rendering.

The advantages of using brick slips over traditional bricks are tenfold, for example; they
are lighter than traditional bricks, using them on your project will reduce the amount of
space needed to store on site. They are also easy to maintain and built to last, there’s no
need to paint or perform any upkeep tasks associated with other building materials, such
as wood or vinyl. As well as coming in a wide range of forms and colours, brick slips have
the additional benefit of making the most of small spaces as they have been cut down and
made thinner, which can be an important factor in many projects.

The process of creating a brick slip involves the face of the brick being removed, usually
at about 35mm thick. These thin slices of brick will then replicate the appearance of the
conventional brick. The slips are either glued to an installation panel or wall on-site,
providing the surface is smooth and clean. Brick slips are installed like tiles, using an extra-strong adhesive. Once the brick slip is in place, it will then be pointed using mortar which
helps iron out any irregularities and creates a smart finish. Once pointed, it cannot be
distinguished from an original brick wall. Please note brick slips are not suitable for DIY
and must be laid by either a professional bricklayer or tiler.


If you’re looking for a tailored brick design, we also offer a comprehensive bespoke brick
cutting service, customised for your exact specifications. At LRBM we pride ourselves on
unique specialist shaped and angled bricks. That includes popular individual options such;
as Cants, Squints, Plinths, Pistols, Bullnosed, Gauged Arches and many more on request.
All products are crafted by our highly experienced brick cutter available for either
collection or delivery.

If we are unable to meet the specifications of our clients, we offer an exclusive brick cutting
service, craft bricks handmade and tailored for you. Give us the specifications and
we will create the product, designed perfectly to meet your bespoke requirements.

For more information on our wide range of brick slips or to take advantage of our
comprehensive bespoke brick cutting service, please call our sales team on
02084521111 or email: who will be happy to help. You can also pop
into our Buckinghamshire branch which is open from 8 am to 4 pm every weekday and
every Saturday from 8am to 3pm and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team.