Brick Bin Solutions: A Perfect Project for Autumn


With the arrival of Autumn in mind, we here at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants have decided to take some inspiration from the changing season and share an exciting project idea produced by one of our regular customers, the landscapers Shoots and Leaves.

As the day gets shorter and the leaves change colour and start to fall, your front garden or drive can get quite cluttered. Then comes raking the leaves into a pile and finally putting them in the bin. This inconvenient annual task becomes even more tedious when you have to throw the clumps of soggy or crumbly leaves into an unsightly and unexciting wheelie bin.

This got us thinking, why not break the boredom and the blues by adding a special feature to your outside space that combines both functionality and attractiveness?

“Which project is that?” you might ask, that project is a reclaimed brick bin solution.

Bin solutions are built up structures that in addition to protecting your bin from vermin, also allow you to add either a decorative feel to uninteresting everyday appliances or to keep it discreet and out of the way. As we see it, there is no material more perfectly suited to a project like this than reclaimed bricks!

With a variety of colours and textures, reclaimed bricks can add a truly unique character to any project that uses them, allowing you to put your creative side to great use when planning your bin solution. Alternatively by using our outstanding brick matching service we can identify the closest brick type to your garden wall to provide a finish for your solution that blends in entirely with the existing brickwork. If you’re still not convinced, why not check out the amazing examples below by Shoots and Leaves featuring the iconic brick type, reclaimed Yellow Stocks (also known as London Stocks because of their dominance in London and the surrounding area)? Get in touch to see how we can help you start your dream project today!

Photo credit: Shoots and Leaves Landscape Design and Construction.