Cool DIY projects that use reclaimed bricks

Projects which utilise our attractive reclaimed bricks aren’t limited to creating and restoring buildings alone. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to the variety of reclaimed brick projects you can get stuck into. From fun, decorative finishing touches to building your dream outdoor living space, reclaimed bricks can add charm and character […]

The London Yellow Stock Brick

Here at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants, we stock a wide array of attractive reclaimed bricks, all with their own history. Our selection spans bricks in many different colours and tones, with their origins stemming from various areas across the UK. One of our classic, ever-popular bricks is the London Yellow Stock which can be readily […]

Which bricks should I use for my project?

Much thought should go into selecting the bricks for any building project. As an integral, highly visible and permanent part of a building, the importance of bricks to your project cannot be overstated. This big decision will be influenced by many factors, some of which we will outline in this article to help ensure you […]