DIY Ideas For Your Easter Bank Holiday Weekend!






This Easter bank holiday weekend is a perfect opportunity to spruce up your home or garden by getting the builders or landscapers in, carrying out some of your own renovations or undertaking an exciting DIY project.

Do you want to improve areas of your home but not sure where to start? We all have lots of projects that have been on our to-do list for months – or years even – but before you begin, think about the low hanging fruit of smaller projects that you can undertake in a day or less.

Another reason to finally attack your DIY projects over the long weekend is that you could make this a healthy Easter Bank Holiday Weekend for you and your family! It would certainly help you burn off all of those hot cross buns and chocolate eggs.

There’s a whole array of options for you to consider including using reclaimed bricks for your home or as paving for your garden, or even to build that BBQ you have always wanted. We also have reclaimed premium yorkstone flags for your patio and original railway sleepers that make great raised flower beds and boxes.  We have put together a helpful list of Easter DIY ideas for you to consider below.

Gardens and Patio’s:

You have many options when it comes to your garden and the team at LRBM are here to help with some great products in stock.

Planters, edging and raised flower beds can easily be made with our Grade A reclaimed railway sleepers. Our reclaimed premium York flagstones are perfect for that ‘dream’ patio and can be used for garden steps too! Maybe you are tired of mowing the lawn? You could try laying a path or patio with our reclaimed bricks. Our wire cuts are ideal as they are a sold brick with no ‘frog’ and come in a beautiful terracotta colour to brighten any outdoor space. They can be laid on edge or with the bigger surface area up (see photo).

Our reclaimed and new Granite Setts are another garden option to think about, they make a great alternative to paving stones as you can create beautiful patterns with them and are very robust. Granite Setts were common in the UK from the 15th Century onwards, while the use of cobbles goes back to Roman times, and they are still evident in most of the historic towns and cities throughout the British Isles today.

Laying the pathway or patio yourself is a much cheaper alternative than hiring in a professional and will create a valuable and attractive social space for your garden that is perfect for use all year round. However, actually laying the slabs will take a great deal of physical labour. If you have family and friends to help you, this could be an ideal bank holiday group project and help you shed a few pounds.

Adding a patio area to your garden can also open many more possibilities about how you use the space, especially in summer months when we can get the patio furniture out, enjoy the sunshine and fire up the barbecue for some al fresco dining. If installing a patio is on your garden ‘to do’ list, then spend some time speaking to one our friendly sales staff to help you decide on what products are best for you. Measuring the space beforehand will help you to compare costs.


Let’s be honest, no summer is complete without a good BBQ so why not get a head start this Easter bank holiday weekend and build one from scratch out of reclaimed bricks?

A hand-built, brick BBQ is a great way to impress your guests, it will look unique and can be cost effective. Granted, such a project can take careful planning and a steady hand but done correctly and with some maintenance will give you a lifetime guarantee of summer fun.

While there are plenty of top-of-the-range BBQs out there, nothing quite matches the rustic charm of the brick BBQ and you can also customise a brick BBQ in terms of size, shape and colour without having to overpay for extra features.

Please see our 11-point plan with some basic tips on how to build your brick BBQ.

  1. The Practicalities – Start by thinking about the practicalities of your cooking space
  2. Where To Site Your Brick BBQ Grill – Factors to consider include proximity to your indoor kitchen, wind factor, sun and location to something flammable
  3. Make Sure The Ground Is Level – If the foundation isn’t level, you will get ground movement over time and this will cause the brickwork to crack and make your construction unstable.
  4. Soak Your Bricks – 24 hours before you plan to use your bricks to ensure that your bricks are holding water and therefore won’t draw moisture out of the mortar when you start construction.
  5. Plan The Layout – When you are happy with the positioning draw a line around the bricks to use as a guide when laying.
  6. Lay The First Course – Prepare the mortar and lay the first layer of bricks
  7. Lay The Next Courses – Check each course for level, plumb and square as before and scrape away any excess mortar
  8. Pointing – Another word for making the mortar look a nice con-caved shape
  9. Finishing Off – Continue building up until you reach your preferred height and top off the final layer with solid bricks
  10. Let It Cure – You can build a brick BBQ grill in a day but curing will take a week to allow the mortar to dry and harden
  11. Install Your Stainless Steel Grill Inserts – Plan what height is comfortable to cook at and set that as the height for your cooking grates.

For more detailed information on how to build your brick BBQ please check out the helpful video below that includes a step by step guide:

Something a bit more fun:

If you’re looking to have some fun and be a little more creative this weekend, then how about mix and matching what items you already have leftover in your own home with products we have at LRBM? Maybe you were going to take these items to the scrapyard, how about purchasing some products from us to create something brand new and completely unique!

You could craft some new bookshelves sourced from our reclaimed bricks and old floorboards or timber that you have in the house? Did you know it’s possible to create brand new garden bench created from our reclaimed brick stock and wooden beams? Or how about a new garden table made solely from our bricks?

What you need, opening times and how to order?

So, while DIY can be plenty of fun, these projects also involve some forward planning. Questions such as “which bricks to choose?” and “how do I get hold of them?” spring to mind. Thankfully here at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants, we’ve got you covered, so there’s no need to worry! Our staff are on hand to meet all your needs with our comprehensive service and product range to make sure you complete your project with as little stress as possible.

We have a diverse and extensive range of stock with currently nearly 2 million bricks on the ground. This includes reclaimed and new in a variety of types, colours and textures, all of which are suitable for speedy nation-wide delivery. We also offer a brick matching service and have launched a business WhatsApp page for convenient communication.

Our London and Buckinghamshire branches are open from 8am to 5pm this week until Thursday 18th April and will be closed over the Easter bank holiday weekend and re-opening on Tuesday 22nd April at 8am. So please get in touch or place your order now for your Easter DIY project.