The London Yellow Stock Brick

Here at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants, we stock a wide array of attractive reclaimed bricks, all with their own history. Our selection spans bricks in many different colours and tones, with their origins stemming from various areas across the UK. One of our classic, ever-popular bricks is the London Yellow Stock bricks which can be readily found across the city. This month, we’ll be looking into the roots of the classic London Stock brick.

Often referred to as the ‘London Stock’ for its common usage in the British capital and surrounding areas, the Yellow Stock brick tells the story of nineteenth and twentieth-century London in style. With their authentic worn, but no less distinctive shades of yellow colouring, they remind us of the chipper, cheerful and sunny British spirit that endures despite the cold, wet climate. The iconic yellow colouring comes from the variety of minerals in the soft, dense clay of the Thames which come to life in an assortment of yellows when fired into bricks.

Originating in the late Georgian era, these London Yellow Stock bricks built many of the houses and structures that stood at defining moments in British history. Yellow Stock bricks occasionally sport a shock of black flecks that come from ash in the clay going black when fired, but to us, these dark marks symbolise something more. For us, they tell a tale of the sooty industrial revolution, the Victorian sprawling urbanisation of the capital, and the ashes and flames of the 1940s when London survived the Blitz. Like the people of the city, these bricks and the buildings they were part of stood firm, and many still stand today.

yellow bricks


If that wasn’t proof enough of their enduring strength and worth, you can see for yourself and try using our reclaimed originals in your own projects. With our current supply standing at over 500,000 Yellow Stock bricks, we can meet your logistical needs easily, delivering hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of bricks to your site with our next day delivery service. Alternatively, you can come, have a look and collect them at any one of our three easily reachable sites in North West London, Chesham or Bedford, where our capable staff can load them onto your vehicle for you to take away. Either way, we’ll craft our services to meet your needs for your convenience.


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