LRBM adds two new brick types to Soft Red range!


Here at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants, we strongly believe that keeping a varied stock of quality bricks and building supplies is key to running a successful service.

True to this promise, we are adding two fresh and exciting products to our already extensive Soft Red brick range – the Premium Weathered Soft Red and the New Heritage Soft Red.

Our range also includes Premium Soft Reds, New Imperial Sussex Soft Reds and Reclaimed Soft Red Rubbers. Soft Red bricks are often referred to as “rubbers” because they can be rubbed by hand into an ornate shape. Found mostly in London and South East England, Soft Reds are made from fine brick earth, a material that has featured in brick-making since the 18th Century.



The Premium Weathered Soft Red is handmade in a traditional style with a weathered finish. The brick is well suited to building and restoration work in urban areas where bricks are often darkened over time by exposure to the elements and the historic effects of industrialisation.

Though newly manufactured, the New Heritage Soft Red is also a traditional-style handmade brick with a nostalgic wrinkled or creased face. The brick is suitable for builds nationwide along with renovation and period conservation projects.

Both brick types are rated F2 for frost resistance and can also be used in heritage areas – which are especially common in London – where local authorities might only permit reclaimed and particular brick types on any building and restoration projects. What’s more there’s added value as both types come with ZERO WASTAGE.

The specific colouring and style of these bricks is also beneficial, as they allow customers to closely match existing brickwork and surrounding buildings for a more precise renovation or construction project.

To see how these great additions look when compared to others in our Soft Red range, check out the picture below (the picture also includes Premium Soft Reds and New Sussex Soft Reds – please get in touch for Reclaimed Soft Red Rubbers as colours can vary from orange to dark red).