LRBM Brick Kiln at Kew Gardens Wild Wood Festival


Here at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants, we are proud to have supplied bricks for iconic institutions such as Kew Gardens and the Imperial War Museum. With bricks appearing ever more regularly in artistic works and cultural displays as well as in large-scale building projects, we are always on hand to help, no matter the size of the job.

We are delighted to have provided an order of New Tudor Red bricks for a special feature at the Kew Gardens Wild Wood Festival. The festival was a three-day event taking place in Pearcelands Wood in Wakehurst, West Sussex that included a variety of authentic, nature-related activities and exhibitions such as foraging, birds of prey demonstrations, blacksmithing and “twigloo building”.

LRBM’s contribution to the festival came in the form of a brick kiln built by specialist artist Martin Brockman as part of the festival’s “Woodland Shelter” attraction. The kiln wowed festival-goers with a chance to witness the art of traditional tile-making with locally dug clay, and to design and decorate their very own natural tiles to take home.

The use of New Tudor Red bricks was a natural choice for a rustic-style project such as an outdoor kiln, as the brick-type resembles the characteristic appearance of those often found on historic Tudor buildings and old rural brick barns. Soft textured and handmade, Tudor Red bricks are also often sought after for decorative, conservation and restoration use and for additions where the new build will mirror the original.


Photo Credit: Jim Holden for Wakehurst.