LRBM ship bricks for Japan project!


While we pride ourselves on our reputation as a reliable and effective supplier of reclaimed bricks and building supplies throughout London and the surrounding area, here at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants, we also have strong experience in supplying international projects for clients abroad too.

We have sent bricks to a variety of foreign destinations near and far such as Japan, Lebanon, Trinidad and Tobago and closer to home in Europe. One of our most interesting international orders involved exporting tens of thousands of reclaimed Dark Multi Stock and Wire Cut bricks to Japan for an exciting project.

Both types were a great choice for the build. Wire Cuts, sometimes known as “Hard Reds” are a semi-engineering brick, ideal for paving, walling and being cut into brick slips. Our reclaimed Wire Cuts have featured at notable London projects such as the Fitzrovia branch of the well-known restaurant chain Caravan Restaurants.

Our Dark Multi Stocks were also well-suited to the extensive project. The bricks’ attractive colour combination including red, purple and mauve which is often complemented by weathering and black flecks allowed the contractors to produce a distinctive multicoloured effect across the diverse project.

The extensive nature of the project presented an ideal opportunity for our bricks to showcase their versatility, being used for walling, paving and both external and internal features. The sizable endeavour included a variety of components and features including reclaimed brick structures both large and small, brick steps, a brick chimney, patio and other decorative features.

All in all, our bricks introduced a piece of historic England into a new East Asian environment producing a magnificent end result! We were especially delighted to see how the largest part of the project, an extravagant mansion house, resembles a brick version of Osaka’s famous neo-baroque early twentieth-century Nakanoshima Library in architectural style!