‘As summer draws to a close and garden get-togethers are put on hold until next year, Autumn is the perfect season to spruce up your garden and get to work on those DIY endeavours, ahead of time for next year’s BBQ season.

Building a patio, garden path or paved area is great way to revive your garden, by creating space for relaxation as well as, entertaining. We offer a range of colours, paving styles and types of stone to suit the scope of your project. If like many of us, you’re thinking where do I start? Below are our Top 5 Premium Products to start you on your journey.


Reclaimed Yorkstone (Standard and Premium or Cathedral grade) 

Reclaimed Yorkstone is a high-quality product, hand lifted from Cathedrals, Mills and streets throughout the UK (mainly the North of England). Over 100 years old and still looking gorgeous. This is an extremely durable stone, beautifully worn from Rivern to almost smooth, ranging from a buff colour to mid/dark grey. Ideal for older properties and renovations on listed buildings.

Rivern Yorkstone

York Crazy Paving

York Crazy Paving is cost-effective way to create a great natural space from a natural product. It is and inexpensive alternative to York Stone flag and is random shaped pieces of York Stone. It is great for pathways and is laid in irregular patterns to create a rustic yet charming look.


Crazy paving

Reclaimed Sawn Yorkstone

Our reclaimed Sawn York Stone derives mainly from the City of London, having been previously used as classic paving stone.  It has a cool buff to blue to grey hue in appearance and has been cut to precision, on all six sides, giving it a smooth and uniform finish. Most suited for spaces where you wish to achieve a clean, contemporary look but still using a reclaimed product.

Sawn Yorkstone


Reclaimed Granite Setts 

Granite Setts are very stylish and are mainly grey in colour, though sometimes pink too. They are often referred to as a ‘cobbles’. Frequently used for driveway and paths throughout the UK and France for hundreds of years. and throughout gardens to create a variety of patterns.  Granite Setts are uniform in size (100mm or 4inch) therefore are great for creating feature patterns such as circles and are also ideal for path edgings and borders. As granite is one of the hardest materials on earth, it its exceptionally hard wearing and durable for all types of paving. They will give lots of character to any project.

4 Inch Granite Set

Riven Natural Sandstone

If a brand-new product with a natural aesthetic is what you want then this is the one for you. Ethically sourced and quarried from India, it comes in two different colours: fossil mint, a blend of warm tones and subtle shades of sand, buff and pink.  Raj Green, a blend of earthy colours and subtle tones of greens, greys, and browns. Its versatility makes it ideal for driveways, patios, paths and even around a swimming pool – and can be used both externally and internally.

Fossil Sandstone


Whilst choosing the right product can be tricky, our experts at LRBM are here to help you throughout the process of deciding what product is best for you.

For more information, contact a member customer service team today;  Sales@lrbm.com