Reclaimed BricksLondon

We provide top-quality reclaimed bricks for various building and renovation projects in London and nearby regions. Our range suits residential, commercial, and industrial needs, sourced sustainably from UK demolition sites.

Our inventory includes Handmade, Wirecut, Paving, and Facing Bricks, which are perfect for walls, buildings, and landscaping.

Discover unique brick types in our extensive collection, including Imperial London Stock Bricks, Luton Red Bricks, Gault Bricks, and more.

Brick Matching

Find the perfect reclaimed brick with our brick-matching service , supported by expert advice to ensure you make the best choice.

With over 90% of our stocks being reclaimed, we pride ourselves on quality, reliability, and sustainability. All our bricks are carefully selected and prepared for your next project.

Please contact us for more information, pricing, or sample requests.