Welsh Roof Slates

Welsh roof slates offer an unparalleled aesthetic quality for use in renovation and construction projects, and at London Reclaimed Brick Merchants we supply exceptional roofing slates throughout London and across the region. The rugged and durable nature of these roof slates makes them unique in nature and they are infused with the ability to completely transform the personality of a property.

Since our inception 75 years ago, we have remained committed to ensuring our customers receive excellent services and materials. In doing so, our family run business has seen its horizons widen immeasurably in both the domestic and commercial spheres, and we are eager to share our expertise on ridge tiles with you, too.

If you’d like to discuss the requirements of your project and to see how our Welsh slate roof tiles can be used to great benefit in it, be sure to contact our team; our friendly team are always happy to help.